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Roleplay as a wolf, Be in a pack, Hunt, Fight, And more!
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Hiddenwonder's official chat sadly is not open. Hopefully soon though!

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PostSubject: Navigation   Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:31 pm

Click on the different tabs at the top to navigate around the site. I am still working on adding more to go to other pages. Click on the names to open the fourms. There is a reply box as well. 

When you are writing a reply to a form or message it is usually hard to read because it is grey against black.. But you can change that! Simply just look at the tool bar at the top of the message box and go to the right, the very last one which looks like paper with writing on it will turn it black against white. Simply click it and it will stay like that for every other message you send!

Hope this helps! ~Admin, Aspen <3
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